Rollin in a Humvee
Bumpin 3x Crazy
I aint drivin nothin fancy
I aint tryn 2bust no bitch
I’m out here nigga smashin
skull bashin
checkin a grip.
They say crime is in decline
but not this time
cauz this is 1-rap nigga that’s gonna keep a 9
up 2 ur dome
black or chrome
it doesn’t matter nigga
cauz when its on its on
Now what U think?
I’m out here 4my health?
Nah, I’m out here 4ur fuckin wealth.
Cauz whats urz iz minez
so say Word, 2this muthafuckin 9.
They say,
I was out there sick with it.
Cauz I rode on niggas like a kid on a tricycle
& hopped on bitches like they was a mongoose bicycle
Now they got me parked like a bike with a kickstand
& got my whole street career N an abyss of quickstand
doing this penitentiary shit
a life sentence bid
got my stretched-out like the scarecrow, N the fuckin “Wiz”
Aint no more clockin
& bitches jockin
& pushin Hummers.
Just lockdown summers
& towers with gunners.
Now I’m gettn mail like once a month
& this is 4 a nigga they say was out there doing 2much.


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