When we were men.

The world was defined through our own eyes. We controlled the fate of others and destiny of our own lives.

We were the world spiritual leaders, standard setters, nation builders, and beauty definers.

We were the world rulers conquerors, and solution finders.

When we were men.

But, those were the days back then.

Today our lives are governed by other men Beauty is no longer dark.

The opposite of ourselves in our own eyes is today’s beauty mark.

We have lost sight of our vision abilities.

No more responsible men of self-respect. But those who forsake their families.

No more days of conquering men or at least the power of independence among world leaders.

But a day of pacifist and compromisers depending on the minds of others.

No more men of God teaching us the 360 degrees of the sacred Arts & Sciences.

Just spiritual pretenders and religious puppets flaunting another man’s ignorances.

Our sixty foot egos that once stood but has since crumbled into dust.

We sons of Pharaoh’s who roam the earth confused while helpless.

Like pawns in a chess game our lives our played like toys

For we have lost our self-respect in this world as men

For today WE ARE BOYS

by Tut’shkm-Peth


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