I speak before thinking
or without knowing.
But thez things
I’ll never do again
Cuz I know it can get annoying.
I ask myself
is she playing games
or is she really for her man?
Is she really that special one,
who’s going to stay down to the end?
While those thoughts linger in my mind
like perfume in the air.
You always come through at the right time
and reassure me you care.
I wonder how far this rides going to go?
All I know Sweetheart
is I want us to be foe sho.
Are you feelin what I’m saying?
Cuz Sometimes
I don’t think you do.
Sweetheart, what we have
sometimes feel like a dream
but I know it’s true.
So baby, feel me like I feel you
and follow my every step.
That way I won’t have to wonder
Sometimes, are you fully there.
by Dre Cheddi


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