From the moment that I first saw you
I longed to hold you close….
Stroking your slender body
Hoping to hear you moan….
And although I had no knowledge of music
You somehow still appealed to me….
When I found that you’d respond
If I plucked a certain string….
The sound so intriguing
Like an angel with a harp….
Racing shivers through my body Sending vibrations straight to my heart….
I knew then that I would love you And to play you I would learn…. Although sometimes I’d grow  impatient
This privilege I would earn….
We could start with simple notes And then eventually a song….
I’d practice every morning
And even sometimes all night long….
I’ll compose lyrics in my head
To compliment your golden skin….Your smooth and sexy voice
And all the moods you put me in…. You could travel to different places with me
We could perform duets in the streets….
With you strapped across my shoulder
People would surely envy me….And with you as my inspiration
The limit is now the stars….
I hope to make music with you soon
Mi corazon…my spanish guitar💜💜💜💜
by Square Cuz

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