How is it that I love you, when we’ve only just met
Yet ever since, you’ve been like a Beautiful nightmare that I’ve been unable to forget….
A constant reoccurance like a broken record, or a merry go round An adorable nonsense to me, like a crying baby boy or a studdering child….
It’s like an incomprehensible attraction, like a moth to a flame Enchanted by its alluring flickr, it’s demise is all the same….
Or like trying to count the falling rain drops, I know it is pointless to even try
As it is to look upward towards the heavens, and not see the beautiful sky….
It’s a breath taking experience, like watching the flight of a hummingbird
Or an indescribable melody, like a song sung without words….
It’s like the last inch to a final yard,or a final step in a foot race
It’s like a 400 meter relay, or like running a marathon at love’s pace….
Simply put.. It’s like bringing in the new year, and waiting for that crystal ball to drop
Or like the rush of a speeding roller  coaster, the moment before it stops…
That’s how you make me feel
by Square Cuz

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