Brought into this whimsical world, by a powerful force unknown
Skillfully crafted from mud and a miracle, came to be flesh and bone….
And into my breath was given, along with a heart and a soul
A one-of-a-kind creation so eloquent, that is surely broke the mold….
And though not the first of many, is still unique in every possible way
So that even after my inevitable death, a legacy would undoubtedly remain….
Alas at war with love, or at war for love seems to be the purpose in question
With an answer only to be found at the end of my journey, is the very reason I’m still guessing….
Do I follow the path, or manifest my own and accept what should ever come to be
And if not then what good is the life I lead, if it wasn’t to be led by me….
It’s no secret I’ve made my mistakes, much like an angel stripped of his wings and that has fallen from grace
His penalty, tossed back to earth or in my case a steel cage counting down the rest of our days where are judgement awaits….
Humbled but not defeated, is exactly then that I’ve discovered just Who I am
In spirit I’m more than human But in your eyes….
I’m Only A Man

by Square Cuz

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