Shot down in cold blood
it was the blood of a Jackson
and I don’t mean Michael
that calls us to action
Our epiloguest
Right after Juneteenth
Black August

Poem by: C-Note
Painting by: C-Note

Black August-Los Angeles is an original work of ink on paper. Done by Donald “C-Note” Hooker, in 2016. This piece was inspired by the month long Blck August , celebrations that were taking place in Los Angeles in 2016. He first heard of these celebrations on Think Outside the Cage. This was this artist first attempt at Political Art. It makes reference to Beyonce’s Formation; the death of prisoners, and prison reform activists, George Jackson, and Hugo “Yogi” Pinell. Both men were murdered in prison. Police shooting death victims, Michael Brown, and Ezell Ford. These kind of deaths have reawakened America’s consciousness on it’s criminal justice system, thus prison reform. The California Coalition of Women Prisoners (CCWP), so that the public doesn’t forget we imprison women too. The Los Angeles Women’s Center, to bring public consciousness, and hopefully funding, to a place that provides services and refuge to women, most likely from the same environmental milieu as those who have been, or will become imprisoned. The Raised Fist, a symbol of Black Power during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s. Now a symbol of empowerment during any struggle. And “Mundo Sin Jaulas” (A World Without Cages), in recognition of the Brown People’s Movement. Black August-Los Angeles is still retained by the artist. However, you can still buy prints of this piece, and other related products, at Darealprisonart

[Editor’s Note ]: This Paintoem, like all Paintoems, are given to the public, to have free use rights, so long as acknowledgement is given to the artist(s).

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