Her name is K
at 23 she was told
She’s a throwaway
Life Without the Possibility of Parole
A walking zombie
without a soul
She begged and begged
for a new life
But spending rehabilitation dollars on her
made no cents

About The Paintoem
Poem: by C-Note
Painting: by C-Note

Life Without the Possibility of Parole (LWOP) is a work that was created by Donald “C-Note” Hooker to draw attention to the 175+ women imprisoned at the Central California Women Facility (CCWF), who are serving a sentence of LWOP. These women are deemed unworthy of any State spending regarding rehabilitation. Eventho it is not uncommon that for some, this sentence will be commuted to life with the possibility of parole. This urgent, urgent, matter, first came to the attention of the artist in the 2016 Summer publication of California Prison Focus. “First I created the poem,” says C-Note. “It can take a very longtime to create a visual, so I started making collages, as a way to create a visual more expediently. My first use of this methodology, was for the poem, ‘It Must End! (BLACK FEMALE BOYCOTTS AGAINST BLACK MEN IN THE PEN).’ The poem is based on a real life story.”
Life Without the Possibility of Parole is still retained by the artist. However, you can still buy prints of this piece, and other related products, at Fine Art America

[Editor’s Note ]: This Paintoem, like all Paintoems, are given to the public, to have free use rights, so long as acknowledgement is given to the artist(s).

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Life Without the Possibility of Parole (Paintoem) available in prints.


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