When It’s Over And Done
And You Can’t Change What’s Passed
And The Memories Linger On
Wishing You Could Rearrange
What’s Causing Those Regrets

But You’re Forced To Live With What Is
Finding It Hard To Forgive Yourself
Never Finding The Reason Why, No Excusing You
Best To Abandon Trying To Justify
Why You Do What You Do

Ignorance Is No Excuse, Though It Be True
Fact Is, There Was A Lesson You Didn’t Learn
So It All Comes Back To You
Your Memory Only Serves To Punish
So I Try Whatever Helps Me To Forgot
Though There Is Nowhere Safe To Flee

I Keep On Placing My Bet
To Be Rid Of That Part Of Me
That I Will Always Regret
Not Finding That Key.

Eric W.Davis
AKA. Sam’i A. Mateen

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