Bet You Didn’t Think I’d Come So Soon
With A Mother’s Day Card In The Month Of June
When Everybody Knows That Mother’s Day
Was Just Weeks Before In The Month Of May

But For You One Day Just Won’t Suffice
Which Is Why I Decided To Do It Twice
Cause Mama Your Love Is Where It’s At
And You Really Deserve More Days Than That

Now The Cards And Roses Won’t Compensate
For The Love You’ve Shown Your Child Of Late
And Truly All Should Stop And Pause
And Give Their Mother’s A Round Of Applause

Really We Should All Compose A Song
That Would Laud Your Efforts Our Whole Life Long
For In Duty Mothers Have Surpassed The Call
By Sharing The Burdens Of Us All.

Eric W. Davis
Aka Sam’i A. Mateen


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