America’s great war wasn’t the First World War
nor was it the Second
It was civil in nature.
Brother against brother
North against South
In came Colonel Albert Sidney Johnston
to govern the great fort Alcatraz.
Born in Kentucky was he
raised in Texas did he
Roots dug deep in the South
That’s why good ole San Franciscoans had their doubts
That a good ole boy could defend Northern territory
When Confederate President Jefferson Davis was a friend
goes the story
It lead to his removal from this great isle
As rumors of Southern sympathies did they beguile
For the good citizens of the Bay could never reconciliate
That a gentleman of the South could expatriate
So rejected by his Northern brethren he retired to the South
But picked up a Confederate command and died valiantly at the battle of Shiloh
A hundred and fifty years later
I don’t salute you as a foe
because shame on us
for mistrust
of our brethren
must be told.

by C-Note

©2017 Donald”C-Note” Hooker

[Editor’s Note]: No Southern Shall Govern This Isle, is a work that was specifically created for the Art Escape At Alcatraz, prisoner art exhibit on Alcatraz island May-June 2017, sponsored by Prison Art Touching Hearts.
Help P.A.T.H. in their mission of touching hearts through prison art and give a donation.


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