How could one forget

How can one forget a woman So Mystique. Her luscious body her diamonds brown eyes shining like the brightest sun in the midday skies…. Her gorgeous face I sit back and contemplate. Beauty marks like sprinkles of snow flakes expressing her true beauty, full lips and silky truly I fantasize about kissing them passionately. Natural hair black shoulder length sweet talkin in the Los Angeles Summer Breeze up in the hills. Everytime she opens her mouth the birds chirp singing along to the tune she holds forth, fencing in in the haste seeing the Magnificent sparkless sun , heading towards the heavens in the Run. She has captured me by her grace how could one forget she the sweetest and best of her kind. My passion boils torturing the heart that lies beneath my chest. And I wish daily to tell her, because of you I’m a better man confident with words cause you’ve brought me to understand the very essence of a true man and who I used to be doesn’t Define who I am today. This love poem shows in this orbit of her love in the midst of night alone I can still smell her lovely scent: coconut and roses. Forever she’ll be in my heart, for she’s given me a treasure that only a true Queen possesses, hope, confidence, and dignity yes baby you the best you bless me, and no longer shall I stress so tell me baby how can one forget…. By Darryl T Burnside

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