Dear you

Dear you….
peeping out life in my rearview

may have distorted the real view

Excuse Me Miss

Our eyes perceive what others do

still I see the true you

And I agree with Tupac words

just to stay true

Yes you’re my definition of perfection

True beauty is truly Skin Deep

that’s really all I see in you

A flawless work of art

I call you WO-MAN

and see God must’ve had a sense of humor

cause when he made you

“I’m sure he was like whoa-man”

she is fine as can be

And in my city we called them pound cakes

yes we like them thick and sweet

I know plenty of guys constantly try to run game

Just to get your name

How can I blame them?

See none of that matters when I’m speaking on matters of the heart

Cause if everything happens for a reason

then I am merely playing my cards right

I just wish to be near you

and in the end even if we’re just friends

I know by knowing you

you’ve made me a better man

And truly a really good friend

So yes it’s in we I can trust

and truly Trust

that someday dear you

Will someday become

sincerely us

by Darryl Burnside

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