I’m Still Here

Inhaling Over Prayers for Peace!
But when will it come?
Who knows?
Suffering headaches from the unjust
that surrounds my atmosphere…
I’m still here

Through the haze of smoke
It’s as if I’m running
through a maze of chaos and confusion
eyes burning
but I keep on pushing…
I’m still here

Days can’t come fast enough
I remain patient
and steadfast
Believing that my path has already been paved

Black men lives matter!
Latinos want equality!
Women screaming Me Too!
Crocodile tears from my peers
How many more years…
I’m still here

The struggle is real
but riddled with bullets of perplex ideaology…
Too many opinions
no Solutions
Obama went
Trump came…
I’m still hear

The truth can’t lie to me
Honesty won’t deceive me
My vision is clear
so I just exhale
and open my eyes
I’m still here

by Arthur Louis

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