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My country
is still not free
This sordid land
of hypocrisy
Of thee I sing
Land where my fathers died
Land where the slaves did cry
on every mountainside
Prisons reign supreme

About Paintoem
Poem by: C-Note
Painting by: C-Note

Incarceration Nation is an original work of ink, graphite, and wax on paper. Done by Donald “C-Note” Hooker in 2017. The painting was inspired by the Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March in August of 2017, and is the sequel to his first political work Black August-Los Angeles. The red dots represent the location of the state sanctioned deaths of: Travon Martin in Florida; Michael Brown in Missouri; Sandra Bland in Texas; Philando Castile in Minnesota; Freddie Gray in Maryland; Ezell Ford, Wakiesha Wilson, Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) & Oscars Grant in California; and Charleen Lyles in Washington State. The poem written later in the year was inspired by the NFL players “Knee Protest.”
” I was looking at other iconic American verbal expressions of patriotism,” says C-Note. “And ‘My Country, Tis of Thee,’ also known as ‘America,’ is probably third on that list. The creative juices to create the poem had nothing to do with the painting; however, together they make an excellent one-two punch, as a political work of art.”
The painting Incarceration Nation was given to the California Prison Focus as a donation. However, you can still buy prints of this piece, and other related products, at Fine Art America

[Editor’s Note ]: This Paintoem, like all Paintoems, are given to the public, to have free use rights, so long as acknowledgement is given to the artist(s).

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I pledge allegiance
to romance
of the Universal States of Consciousness
and to the essence
for which it stands
one love
under God
with kisses and orgasms
for all!

To: Munchkin
Copyright 2017 Donald “C-Note” Hooker


The Sol
of her solar winds
crossed my face

Dusk filled dust
is what I taste

But still
I soldier on
I launch into the madness
of a quickened pace

You are the light of my world
and as this hunk of rock
rotates itself, away from you
I solider on

Tho darkness becomes nigh
and the twilight sets on our love
I’ll just set my sights higher
in the sky

I know if I seek the Heavens
where the gods abode
I’ll find your light the brightest
amongst Heaven’s neon lights

And so shall you be
my hope eternity
till fortunes shift
and this hunky rock gives the gift
of a new horizon
and the soul
of your solar winds
my face.

To: Mickie
Love C-Note
poem #1

@2017 C-Note



Rapunzel could let down her hair
because someone cared
Letting down my hair
I wouldn’t dare
So all I do is stare
at the bliss
of all things I miss
Mother Nature’s wonders
Cause Father Time
wants his due
and the world ain’t got a clue
Here I stare alone
in my room
cell block

About the Paintoem
Poem by: Cn
Painting by: Cn

“Mprisond,” is an original work of wax, ink, and graphite on paper. Done by Cn, in 2014. It is the sequel, to another piece “My Dilemma,” done in 2009. Cn was asked to create poetry, around some of his artwork being exhibited at the Escaping Time, Prisoner Art Exhibit, on Governor’s Island, New York City, July 26, 2016-October 2, 2016. Both the poet and we agree, that the image and poem, may be used in conjunction for publication, exhibition, and/or performance, without our expressed permission, so long as the artist-poet, is acknowledged/mentioned, as the creator of these works, e.g., by Cn. This is the genesis of the Paintoem. “Mprisond,” was sold in 2016, at the” Through the Wall,” Prisoner Art Exhibit, at the CB1-Guest Gallery, in downtown Los Angeles. However, you can still buy prints of this piece, and other related products, at Fine Art America

[Editor’s Note ]: This Paintoem, like all Paintoems, are given to the public, to have free use rights, so long as acknowledgement is given to the artist(s).

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These thoughts that came
from a television show
I shall not name.
Made me think of a dame
I shall not name.
Through time I thought
of her name
A thousand ships launched
is her fame
A King broke from Rome
is her claim
Lonely and left behind
is my acclaim
To the women in my life
I shall not name
by Cn


I speak before thinking
or without knowing.
But thez things
I’ll never do again
Cuz I know it can get annoying.
I ask myself
is she playing games
or is she really for her man?
Is she really that special one,
who’s going to stay down to the end?
While those thoughts linger in my mind
like perfume in the air.
You always come through at the right time
and reassure me you care.
I wonder how far this rides going to go?
All I know Sweetheart
is I want us to be foe sho.
Are you feelin what I’m saying?
Cuz Sometimes
I don’t think you do.
Sweetheart, what we have
sometimes feel like a dream
but I know it’s true.
So baby, feel me like I feel you
and follow my every step.
That way I won’t have to wonder
Sometimes, are you fully there.
by Dre Cheddi


You raised a warrior momma
so don’t be trippin.
You taught me how to stand on my own
so I stay dippin.
No matter what the situation is
I’m’ah stand strong.
Just a little moe time
and baby I’ll be home.
I look at yo pictures at night
before I go to sleep.
That’s the only thang in dis hell
dat works to comfort me.
All I want you to know
My First Lady
is I’m alright.
Cuz you always der for me
dats if I’m wrong or right.
And I’m fortunate to say
I got my momma pushin hard on my team.
Most of my peers ain’t got dat
know what I mean?
I feel blessed
to have you by my side.
Do me a favorite baby
no more crying.
Cuz when da storm gone
yo son gonna shine.
          by Dre Cheddi