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On a journey
long, long, ago
Afrofuturism was long-sought
The maps of its existence
were misleading
like the maps to Wakanda
but She
a student at an HBC
found the truth
would not be found in Africa
but California
Like the Raiders to the Lost Ark
who sought God’s covenant
so too
Spanish Conquistadors
sought the Califia
The Queen
of the land
of Black women
She ruled with a Saber-tooth scepter
adorned gloves
from the Mammoth’s wool
She nursed
the Earth’s oldest and tallest trees
in the forests
of Redwoods
Invited the Blue whale
Earth’s largest mammal
to suckle her young
off Her coastal waters
In ancient times
Her Queendom fed the world
In modern times
It’s called
farming region
But She
a student
from HBC
just like me
to the Queen Mother
at a place
known as
Nob Hill
in San Francesco de Assisi
is enshrined
a mural
in a hotel
for one-percenters
The Califia spake
to our dear sister
in a way
only understood
by feminine energy
and so she wrote
as only a scholar can
the map
to Afrofuturism
It did not lead to Wakanda
in Africa
or the East
Where the Sun rises
but in the West
Where the Sun sets
in America
will Afrofuturism nurse itself
In the Queendom
of the Califia

Poet’s Note: For the uninitiated, California’s name derived from a Black woman
Copyright 2020 Donald “C-Note” Hooker

The Ebony Mystique

Not borne
from fake hair
and fake tits
It’s dark hue
is as true
as make-up
is fake
All the ladies
want to be you
You can’t see that?
Golden knights
in tight
mini skirts
Like psychic menstruals
the true story
Ebony Eyes
Like true lies
a confession
a miss
a curse
enough is enough
a negative
a brush of God
a gush of Lust
a gris
a cuss
a muss
the tantalizing view
of you
darkly hued
in Ebony glow
let it flow
the skin you in
a cue
a curse
a burst
of Spring
that radiates from you
nobody gets to view
that that is true
the Ebony hue
in you

by C-Note

Copyright 2018 Donald “C-Note” Hooker
Model: Mirembe Priscilla