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The Ebony Mystique

Not borne
from fake hair
and fake tits
It’s dark hue
is as true
as make-up
is fake
All the ladies
want to be you
You can’t see that?
Golden knights
in tight
mini skirts
Like psychic menstruals
the true story
Ebony Eyes
Like true lies
a confession
a miss
a curse
enough is enough
a negative
a brush of God
a gush of Lust
a gris
a cuss
a muss
the tantalizing view
of you
darkly hued
in Ebony glow
let it flow
the skin you in
a cue
a curse
a burst
of Spring
that radiates from you
nobody gets to view
that that is true
the Ebony hue
in you

by C-Note

Copyright 2018 Donald “C-Note” Hooker
Model: Mirembe Priscilla