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My Concrete Hell

I sit here and I look around
I can’t believe this is where I’m found
This is my world, in this cold, dark, cell
My concrete Hell

A tray of food through a hole in the door
There’s no chairs to sit on
So I eat on the floor
Nice cold showers three times a week
From a knob on the wall it comes out weak
This is my day
In this cold dark cell
This is my concrete Hell

The clothing I wear a stained, and used
From my bra, to my underwear, socks and shoes
No one to talk to,
No one to care
So I sit on my bunk, and that the walls I stare
All alone in this cold, dark cell
This is my life
This is my concrete Hell

My 3″ mat on a concrete bed
A stainless steel toilet
Is my right next to my head
I sit on my bunk, and look around

This is the place where I am found
All alone in this cold, dark cell
This is my punishment
My concrete Hell.

by Katrina Blasing

The Girl of Yesterday

I’m trying to find my way
Back to the girl of yesterday
Back to the girl I used to be
Back to when I was free
Free from the darkness of today
Free from the sadness inside me
How I get there I’m not quite sure
I only know I have to try
I Won’t Give Up, lie down, or die
I’m out there somewhere, I know I am
So I’ll keep on looking and I’ll find my way
Back to the girl of yesterday

by Sandy Blazinski

120-Secondz (Recorded and Produced in Prison).

By Square Cuz


yesterday was today
and today, tomorrow
where ever you’d be
I would follow

by C-Note

©2018 Donald C-Note Hooker

Da Woman

I seen the sunrise the other day
and it was incredible
But not incredible as you
when I first laid my eyes on you
Then my soul had a quivah
my core a tighting
my eyes a blinking (cause I had to look twice)
What was before my eyes to see
was quite, quite the woman

by C-Note

©2018 Donald C-Note Hooker

Angelic Tempest

Angelic Tempest

I feel from grace
at least from Man’s
Not from His grace
I guess the plan
The prism
from prison

Is birds don’t fly
Not jailbirds
there’s no wind
beneath their wings
But infused with spirit
when someone saw my worth
To be more
than a dirt of Earth

You were the wind
beneath my wings
Now my imagination soars
with greater possibilities
That my life could give meaning
to the world

by C-Note

©2018Donald “C-Note” Hooker

Out of Time and Out of Words

Winter’s cold
or evening night
fireplace warmth
Bearskin rug
the meeting place
out of time
and out of words

by C-Note

©2018 Donald “C-Note” Hooker

Tender Caresses

Tender caresses
a cross your face
back handed fingers
travelled with grace
a wisp of your hair
fell out of place
clasp of my fingers
leans to embrace
essence of our eyes
the meeting place
soulful connections
in outter space
motions of kisses
a lipstick trace
from tender caresses
across my face

by C-Note

©2018 Donald “C-Note” Hooker

Goodness In Virtue Everyday (Give)

When you were born God gave you the gift of life. Then you were given nourishment and clothes in able to grow. You were given the opportunity to live life as you see fit. Given the strength to make it through ups and downs. Given the chance to make mistakes and the fortune to make it out. You were given breath, a past, a present, and an idea of hope for a future. You were given choices whether good or bad. You were given a chance to laugh, to cry, to play, to learn, to have experiences. All of these things you were given for nothing more than the love of God. You did not earn it. You did not ask for it but it was given. Life is to give and to give is life. You can’t not give without love and you cannot love without giving. What you give shall be returned. You will be given things you do not deserve. Everything you got in life will be given to someone else when you die. You cannot receive without being given.

The question becomes: Do I give to get or do I get when I give?

Jesus gave his life for the sins of men.

Muhammad gave his vision which produced the Koran.

Buddha gave us a way to be enlightened.

War gave us hope for peace.

Give of your SELF and your SELF will be given!

by Dar`cy Bolton

I Reached

I reached for a pen
and there was no ink
I reached for a pencil
and there was no lead
I reached for a heart
and there was no blood
I reached for you
and there was love.

by C-Note

©2018 Donald “C-Note” Hooker