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Tomorrow is so far off
Yet time passes so fast
I savor the days past
Counting the hours as they go Only no one will know
How efficient time is
Never missing a beat
It’s so precious and sweet
So be careful to plan your endeavors
Cause why worry about tomorrow
When today isn’t over.


Up early in the mornin’
Reach for my joint and beer
A little help to hide the fear
Escape reality
Tryin’ to escape how they’ve done me
So use to the poison
Which I drink with the homies and Some female company at times And let’s not forget the wine
For which I drink so much it makes me blind
Lord, but I’m looking for a sign
I need help and I ain’t lyin’
If I could shake this habit
I  could miss all  the crime
And stop doin’ time
Knowing the problem is a start
Be sincere in heart
And from the poison you’ll depart


From beginning to end
You should recognize a true friend Through good times and bad
Who cares if they’re sad
Things that cannot be found
Are not always unsound
Their style should never be hampered
Real friends are to be pampered No matter how it’s done
Remember they’re number one
And if you should ever wonder why
It’s becuz true friends are hard to come


Pretty woman you’re so unique Always being cute and mystique
Once her beauty has caught your eyes
And she bat them at you
This is your real surprise
As time starts to go on
It all comes to plain view
Wonder about the beauty
Around you
Beauty can be caught in negative  light
For it’s always so bright
Once you notice it
Praise it
For  that’s your duty


I often wonder how loving you are
Only never getting too far
Cause time hadn’t allowed
But I have a vowed
To learn your likes
And dislikes
So that I may know you
The way that you should be known And vision you when I am alone. For pleasant feelings
Spiritual and emotional  healing Can I feel how serious you really are?
Well, I sure hope so!!!


Little girl lost
Come find your way
On roads much like your own street
And watch the strangers you meet
Or it will be the death of you
Which will make your parents blue
Many are lost
And d most are never found
So before you get that strange desire
Quench that fire
Becuz in the United States
Little girls’ lost
Never come home


Thinking of you
I miss you all the while
Those kind eyes and beautiful smile
My days are still bright
But I miss you terribly at night

Times are  coming close
For you and me
And happy I’ll be
Just you wait see

You’re always on my mind
And I will have you know
That right from the start
You stole my heart
Only memories of the two of us Cause I’m thinking of you



I have such strange thoughts Images of dark creatures Dreamscapes so mad, I am often glad
Of the power to resist
The horrible thoughts which exists
From me most devious mind Murder, mayhem and the like
Who can escape a trapped mind? Not even a person physically blind But the mind can’t figure out the soul is dark
And from there began the evil spark
For a trapped mind
Cannot put forth positive thoughts But only what lies in the heart
Untruths, misery,  terror and mischief
See there is no escape from a trapped mind
Except insanity.



As days pass by
I often wonder why
Life is so hard
Even in the coolness of rain
There’s pressure and pain
From dusk til dawn
Only chaos has presence
This is the very essence
Of perverted thoughts
Which leads to guilt
Whenever such things are in the air
You can only compare
Sad moments, as days go by.



Easter came early for me
In a chocolate dipped Venus fantasy
Body so divine was like poetry
Lavished breast filled nights of calories
Feasted on her love, full of debauchery
Now sitting home and alone living in reality
But make believe so real I got cavities.

by Donald “C-Note” Hooker