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A future with dreams of peace
The inner man in perpetual warfare Political saviors on the increase
Dead economies sprouting everywhere
Promises to stabilize state loyalty
Another scandal of seducing the mind
Honoring the founding fathers of royalty
In a nation still enslaving mankind
                 by Charles Chatman


Rollin in a Humvee
Bumpin 3x Crazy
I aint drivin nothin fancy
I aint tryn 2bust no bitch
I’m out here nigga smashin
skull bashin
checkin a grip.
They say crime is in decline
but not this time
cauz this is 1-rap nigga that’s gonna keep a 9
up 2 ur dome
black or chrome
it doesn’t matter nigga
cauz when its on its on
Now what U think?
I’m out here 4my health?
Nah, I’m out here 4ur fuckin wealth.
Cauz whats urz iz minez
so say Word, 2this muthafuckin 9.
They say,
I was out there sick with it.
Cauz I rode on niggas like a kid on a tricycle
& hopped on bitches like they was a mongoose bicycle
Now they got me parked like a bike with a kickstand
& got my whole street career N an abyss of quickstand
doing this penitentiary shit
a life sentence bid
got my stretched-out like the scarecrow, N the fuckin “Wiz”
Aint no more clockin
& bitches jockin
& pushin Hummers.
Just lockdown summers
& towers with gunners.
Now I’m gettn mail like once a month
& this is 4 a nigga they say was out there doing 2much.


Got thez niggas masquerade
in a cold game of charades
Had 2send this 1nigga down south
cauz he had a loud mouth
And I dont mean the states
I mean to hell
so he can beg god like Lazarus
so that he can come back & tell
his peeps, his folks, whomever
this nigga is way 2clever
way 2smart
with a big heart
Alwayz keeps his gun on lock & load
alwayz prepared 4the next episode.
So whats next?
Pushin a Lex
toten two techs?
not me.
Pushin a Benz
splurgin with friends.
Niggas & bitches that were down from day 1
When a AK-47, was a 12-Gauge Shotgun.


This is my homagization

of Homer’s epic poetization

of the Iliad, which receives glorification

from western civilization

and it’s in that vein of creation

I present to you my poetization

on the criminalization

of our american civilization.

When was its commencization?

Was it with Christopher Columbus, and his infestation

of small pox, on the Indian population?

Is my street spill, a revisitation

on the orgins of this american civilization

whereupon european colonization

was the dominate manifestation

and natives suffered humilation

for christian propagation

and capitalistic subjugation?

With natives being stamped with ineptation

they turned toward their own population

for labor intensification.

Their prisons they went

their street people they sent

to their european colonizations

under a system of indenturification.

Yet this prove insufficient to raise a nation.

So it was the african slave occupation

that would work the plantation

to build the nation

so is it any wonder if this is the commencization

of your nation

that it would lack cultivation

of a so-called civilization?

2.2 mil, the U.S. prison population

the most incarcerated in the history of civilization.

Parents, siblings, spouse, children, are an exponentiation

of those who also feel the effects of incarceration.

You’re hauled-off to your local police station

without some rational explanation

you’re then given legal representation

to defend against a State’s accusation

of some penal code violation.

You’re lacking in bail funding capitalization

so you make an OR application

but the judge has some reservation

so you’re given over to the bailiff, for pre-trial incarceration.

After relocation

to a larger jail holding station

you’ll hear detainee conversation

of police report falsification

and witness testimony fabrication

to cheat you out of an adjudication

that will lead to your liberation.

Now you’re filled with frustration

From a lack of attorney-client communication​

so you’re not filled with adulation

​in the outcome of a jury deliberation.

Now it’s trial commencization

and the D.A.’s presentation

of the State’s accusation

of your alleged penal code violation

but because of your attorney’s lack of preparation

​you’re given poor advocation

of the factual characterization

of what really happened with this situation

regarding the State’s accusation

so now the court issues its proclamation

from your negative jury ajudication

​you’re eligible for rehabilitation

so you ask the judge for probation

but the D.A. doesn’t like this recommendation

so slithery-tongue prosecutorial persuasion

is spewed without hesitation

and you’re given years of incarceration

​now lack of familial participation

will lead to inner feelings of alienation

​that will further hearten your subjugation

and this is just one narration

Like the criminalization

thru politicalization

against those who seek euphoration

for their alleviation

to stressful american situations

by illicit foreign importation

of naroctic stimulation

for self-medication

​Why are they stressing over the nature of the narcotic’ legalization

Are we not the Zolof Nation!

So what difference does it make how you seek your intoxication?

This is no way for a nation

to treat a spiritually devoid population

But why did I have such expectations?

Was it due, to my rationalization

of America’s constitutionalization

written towards man’s higher aspirations?

However, due to poor implementation

why should anyone believe in that documentation?

Sorid violations

of systematization

of womanhood molestations

are too numerous for citation

​The preventation

of women representation

regarding congressional delegation

is just one manifestation

of this vilification

to constitutional implementation

Let’s not talk about the brutalization

of the black population

thru white intimidation

and his racial segregation

Tho lacking in sophistication

it did lead to black intep

thank God for white motivation

for national reconciliation

thru civil rights passation

and restoration

of our haloed constitutional documentation

So take this into consideration

Go visit another State on vacation

then leave out on probation

this is what we do as a nation

this criminalization

of our American civilization

and always a history of demonization

​on the next population

of immigration

But for my final observation

It regards poor funding in education

for the eradication

of the minority population

​Blacks statistically 12% of U.S. population

but 50% of its incarceration

Tupac citations

ain’t got shit, on my enunication

​in this undercover operation

to conceal my true representation

for this was a manifestation

on the criminalization

​of our American civilization.