So many women
lonely but free.
So many men
lonely but locked up.
So many souls desperate to meet
But Dr. Phil got his own take
nah, nah, them men you shake.
So much wisdom, from a man
who has hit the proverbial “relationship” lotto
some of us ain’t.

Women on the “View”
all divorcees.
There is the pure.
There is the dirt.
I spit on the pure
in hopes to dirty it up.
I hope the pure spits on me
to clean me up.

Some of our life travels ain’t pure.
Nor is some of our life travels dirty.
There is that middle ground you know.
That middle class.
Ancient China is known as the Middle Kingdom
the kingdom between Heaven and Earth.

1/3 of the world’s population are Chinese.
Will your loving God destroy 1/3 of Humanity?
Think about it!
Soviet Union 1/6th the world’s land mass
Chinese human pop, more than that
and they ain’t Christian.
My point being.
Because he’s locked up, don’t condemn.
Because she’s 40-plus, don’t condemn.
Don’t buy into the hype.

Bible Belt,
got the highest rate of divorce.
But just because a man
wants to marry another man
or a woman
wants to marry another woman
they pose a threat to Yo marriage?
Was not Daniel imprisoned
and amongst the lions?
Was not Jonah imprisoned
and in the belly of the whale?
And Moses
a fugitive murderer on the run?
Don’t assault me Dr. Phil
You don’t think George Washington wouldn’t
have been arrested by the British?

There is the ideal
and there is the real.
Some of us, most of us
didn’t hit the proverbial lotto Dr. Phil
We didn’t hit the ideal Dr. Phil
only the real.

I spit on the pure
in hopes to dirty it up.
I hope the pure spits on me
to clean me up.
This is the essence, of true love.
                    by Cn

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