Sitting in my cell
facing this mirror
starring through the window
of my soul.
This scene couldn’t be any clearer
I’ve been hurt and let down
So much it seems
like all I remember
the way people have done me
is enough
to turn
a monk
or a nun
into a killer.
As I look deeper
into my picture
I see a soul
so full of agony.
It’s as if I’ve been eating pain for dinner.
Most may look at me and see a handsome face.
But all I see
Is a young man tired of life
trying to catch a break!
Now when you look at me
You may not see nothing at all
Or shit
You may see the same exact shit that I see,
But rather
My image is blurred
or shows crystal clear.
These are the things that I see
When I am starring
by A S

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