I move to the sounds of an acoustic storm


Making love to the percussion of every rain drop…


In my pin stripe suit, and my wing tipped shoes


I jive to the grooves of the melodies tunes…


With thunder clap bass drums, and wind like flutes.


My heart is torn between the worlds of rhythm and blues….


Oh how I love thee, acoustic storm


Though you sometimes make me cry….


Yet I still don’t run for the comfort of cover


I just simply wear your rain as a disguise….


Under a shaded sky of darkened gray clouds


I proudly shuffle and stamp my feet….


Although my fingers are froze, and I’m shivering cold


There still no place on Earth I’d rather be….


Spectators watch in awe from their window seals


Unure if I’m even sane…


Puzzled looks trouble their warm blooded faces


As they watch me dance out in rain….


We have a bond you and I, acoustic storm


A bind that could never blemish or fade….


Even after April showers, brings fourth it’s many flowers.


Our love never washes away….


So I’m proud to say “I Love You” acoustic storm


As awkward as this all may seem….


How a human being as shallow as me


Could have love for such a distant and unliving thing….

But for those who still wonder and long to know

Why I dance even though I’m in pain….

If you’ve ever danced to the rhythm of love

Then you know why I dance in the rain….

Love…. The Acoustic Storm


by Square Cuz

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